Borough Championships: Final Four … and here’s a vote for Boys & Girls (video) Even though there will be five champions after Saturday’s marathon of Borough Championship games, the road to the city championship probably goes through Brooklyn. And since I’ve been covering them all season long, I feel more confident picking Boys & Girls as the team to emerge out of Brooklyn. To do that, they’ll have […]


White Swan Bobby Hurley, Sr. Wins 1000th

There’s not much to distinguish between Bobby Hurley, Sr. and his black swan counterpart Bobby Knight. They are both silver-haired coaching legends whose game attire includes a sweater coordinated to their respective school colors. Both established high-profile careers at the same institution spanning several presidential administrations (Knight: 1971-2000 at Indiana; Hurley: 1972- present). They both […]


Apple-A-Day: Lincoln Clinches Brooklyn AA and It’s National Signing Day

In high school basketball’s Game of the Week, Abraham Lincoln High School won its rematch against Boys & Girls High School at Long Island University. It was another close one, 61-56. It’s the second strait loss for BGHS, which last week was the unanimously top-ranked team in the city. They are without Mike Taylor who […]