White Swan Bobby Hurley, Sr. Wins 1000th

There’s not much to distinguish between Bobby Hurley, Sr. and his black swan counterpart Bobby Knight. They are both silver-haired coaching legends whose game attire includes a sweater coordinated to their respective school colors. Both established high-profile careers at the same institution spanning several presidential administrations (Knight: 1971-2000 at Indiana; Hurley: 1972- present). They both have sons coaching at the collegiate level (Pat Knight: head coach, Texas Tech; Hurley, Jr.: assistant coach, Wagner University).

Hurley even played for Knight in a movie about college ball.

The similarities end there.

Knight is cantankerous, moody, and deplores the journalists who write about him.

Hurley, Sr. is a smiley, kind and pleasant, high school coaching version of Knight, especially with the media. After his 998th win on Saturday night at Long Island University, he met every reporter’s eyes and happily answered their inane questions, which must come ad nauseum after all of his big wins.

He had another on Wednesday, winning the 1000th game of his career, trouncing St. Mary’s 76-46. St. Anthony’s stands firm as No. 2 in the country and remains undefeated on the season. Surprisingly, he’s still the 10th high school coach to hit the milestone, meaning he had a long way to go before he starts entering the GOAT conversation.


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